Pick up my 770 Page Novel For $0.99

countdown deal

Hey guys!

I’m going to run a Kindle Countdown deal to raise awareness for my first novel (Aidan’s Shadow) and promote the upcoming companion story. For a short time, my novel will be available for 99 cents. The promotion will begin on Sunday morning (February 4th, 2018 at 8 am PST). After that first promotional price, it will go up by one dollar every few days until it returns to the regular price of $3.99. Don’t miss this great deal. I appreciate your support and encouragement. Thanks!

Promotional Sale

Now that the Kindle and paperback versions of Aidan’s  Shadow are available, I’m looking into running a promotional sale on the Kindle version in order to raise awareness. Once I settle upon a date, I’ll let you guys know. 


New Cover

My sister Tara created a new cover for Aidan’s Shadow. It looks amazing, and it will be available until my girlfriend finishes her cover. I’m sure that you guys will love it. She pointed out that my original cover looked more like a dime store romance novel than an urban fantasy novel about depression. Thanks, Tara!

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