Aidan’s Shadow 

Aidan’s Shadow is perfect for fans of urban fantasy with elements of horror, intrigue, suspense, and action. This exciting, coming-of-age tale explores mental illness through the lens of an urban fantasy world of demons, magic, and interplanetary travel.

Aidan, a rising senior with five younger siblings is a sarcastic, introspective guy with a passion for music. In the small, coastal town of Beaufort, South Carolina, he has a strong group of friends and a supportive family. His peaceful, happy life changes dramatically when he develops his first serious migraine. While dreaming, he is drawn into a primordial world of demons and monsters. Even when he returns to his family, his life is never the same. In the face of depression, anxiety, and chronic migraines, he pulls away from many of the most important things in his life. After repeated journeys to overwhelming worlds, he begins to fear that he is losing touch with reality. However, if he is to survive the gathering shadows, he must move beyond his comfort zone, forge alliances, and confront his worst fears. To overcome his own insecurities and self-imposed limitations, he must learn to channel his anxiety into a constructive outlet, his burgeoning magical abilities. As he tries to understand his place in a cosmic struggle, Aidan’s only hope lies in a mysterious, raven-haired girl who hates the monsters even more than he does. Will Aidan rise to the occasion and defend his family, his friends, and his town from an invading army of demons?


My first novel, Aidan’s Shadow, is live on Amazon. It’s also available on Kindle Unlimited. Please check it out. I’m sure that you’ll love it. It’s also available in paperback.


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